Lighting is incredibly important but is frequently overlooked when designing a room within the home. Clever and creative lighting design can alter the perception of light and space, enhance features and create moods and focal points within the room.

Lighting design is key to any room and can have a huge impact on space.

We work closely with our clients, to ensure that the lighting design in their home helps to create their dream space!

We offer a variety of different lighting options:

Feature Lighting

When redesigning different rooms within your home, such as the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom or Living Room, feature lighting can add another dimension of style, creating a relaxing and modern environment.

Highlighting key features within your home, there are many different types of feature lighting available to really compliment all styles. Our team of experts can advise you on all the different types of feature lighting available, and recommend a design individually suited to your home.

Bespoke Lighting Installation

Bespoke lighting can add another dimension of style to your home! Once you have chosen and designed your lighting feature our electrical team can install it and make your dream a reality. 

Classic, modern or completely unique, we will work with you, offering our advice where necessary to ensure the results are outstanding. From large and distinctive statement pieces to a customised range of fittings, whatever size, shape, material, and finish, we aim to achieve what you picture in your imagination.

Garden Lighting

Installing Garden Lighting can transform your garden into both a relaxing and stylish environment, adding creativity and highlighting key features!

Many of us spend time relaxing in our gardens.  Often they’re a place to entertain guests in the Summer months or somewhere to spend time with the family.

You can really spruce up your garden by adding decking, creative water features or coloured stones, which can all really improve the look of our gardens, but garden lighting can really transform the look of your garden.

Outdoor Lighting

We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting, from traditional door and garden lanterns for the walls to the porch, terrace and entrance, we can install a wide selection of wall-mounted, corner and pillar mounted lighting.

Installing outdoor lighting can increase both the style and safety of your home’s exterior, helping you to move around your space safely, illuminating paths and changes in level. It can also help create an atmosphere for socialising or dining.  And with such a range of designs on offer, outdoor lighting can also be an attractive feature.

Security Lighting

Installing Security Lighting can act as a great deterrent for thieves. Security Lighting automatically activates as someone walks around your property.

It allows you to light up those darker parts of your property and in turn can make you feel much safer from the threat of intruders. Many outdoor lights are available with motion sensors, meaning you will know when someone approaches your home.

A light at your front door can add to your feeling of security, especially when answering the door when it is dark outside.

For even better efficiency, outdoor security lighting systems often make use of a light sensor that distinguishes between night and day, this type of light will come on when it gets dark and turn off again in the daylight.

Our experts can offer you the very best advice on security lighting.

If you would like to speak to TP Harris Electrical about Feature Lighting, Bespoke Lighting Design, Garden Lighting, Outdoor Lighting or Security Lighting for your home, contact our team of experts today on 0113 250 5375.

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