By installing solar panels, you can generate your own renewable electricity


The main benefits of solar panels are 

Cutting costs of electrical bills

Reducing your carbon footprint

Receive payments for extra energy you generate 


Solar panels consist of cells made up from semi-conducting materials.

The calls do not need direct sunlight to work, and often work in cloud coverage. Strong sunshine generates more electricity.


If your building needs more power, this will be drawn from the grid.

Any energy you have generated and not used will pass through a utility meter and be put in to the grid. Any unused energy will be paid back you, earning you money back. 


Things to consider when looking at solar panel installation at home.


Does your roof have space? On average you need 25m2 


Which direction does you roof face? South facing will yield the strongest results, and is your roof shaded by other buildings and trees?


Do you live in a listed building or conservation area? You may require planning permission to add solar panels to your property.


Our team can survey your property and help you decide if solar panels are right for you and your property 

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