Calling an electrician for a tripping fuse box

Calling an electrician for a tripping fuse box

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There’s nothing more frustrating then flicking a switch and being plunged in to darkness, or all your appliances shutting down as the socket ring main trips. But before calling in the professionals, lets see if you can fix it yourself.

What do do when your fuse board trips:

When your fuse board trips, theres no immediate need for concern. Fuse boxes detect abnormal fluctuations in your electric currents. A sudden change would trigger the electrical supply to be shut off for protective measures.

When you get to your fuse board, you can see the main switches. The one that has tripped will be in the off position. This will help you identify which part of your home the issue occurred.

If this is a one off occurrence, you can put the switch back to the on position and this should resolve the issue without the need for a professional electrician.

 Is your fuse board tripping on a regular basis? If your board is tripping on a regular basis you may still be able to source the problem, if the issue isn’t a faulty appliance or overloaded sockets you will need a certified electrician to attend your property.

The main causes of a tripping fuse board can be

  • A faulty electrical appliance
  • Overloaded plug sockets
  • Faulty wiring

Faulty appliance – If you have a faulty electrical appliance this can trip your fuse board, if you have noticed when you plug in a certain appliance the fuse board trips then its likely the appliance needs replacing.

If you are unsure which appliance is tripping the board, use the power of deduction. Unplug all outlets and one by one plug them back in until he board trips then you will know which appliance is causing the issue

Overloaded sockets – Extension leads are a usual cause of fuse boards tripping, having too many plugs in one outlet is dangerous and trips the fuse board for safety.

If you are short on plugs have a certified electrician install some new outlets for you.

Faulty wiring – If you have a reoccurring issue and the main circuit breaker is the only switch that goes off this suggests an earthing fault and you will need a certified electrician to look at this for you.

An electrical installation condition report would highlight the issues. During the report the circuits are tested for faults and looks at the general wear and tear. You will receive a copy of the report, and any minor issues can usually be resolved during this visit. If any wiring or the fuse board doesn’t meet current regulations, you will need to have these replaced and cannot be negotiated.

Whilst it can be tempting to try save money and resolve issues yourself, it is important to remember the guidelines on when you can fix it yourself or when you will need a certified electrician, our previous blog can offer advice for this. And remember the dangers associated with attempting to fix your own electrical faults.