Electrical safety month

Electrical safety month

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May is electrical safety month, so we are blogging about how to keep safe in your home.

We use electricity all day and night in our homes, and often forget to ensure it is safe and about the dangers unsafe electrics can bring.

When it comes to keeping your home safe we advise this on a visual basis, and not tampering with electrical outlets and units yourselves, unless trained to do so.


Checks you can make are:

Plug sockets – Ensure sockets aren’t overloaded. An extension lead or adaptor will have a limit to how many amps it can take so, to help reduce the risk of fire, be careful not to overload them. Try to keep to one plug per socket.

Wires – Make sure wires aren’t broken or frayed. If the wire feels loose within the plug this is cause for concern. Also, check there aren’t scorch marks on the socket.

Appliances – Ensure they are kept in clean working order, and avoid collecting things around them. Piling your paper work on top of the microwave can cause fire, and unplug appliances not designed to be left on constantly. Also, when it comes to heat related electrical items like straighteners and hair curlers, look for time cut out features meaning if you forget they will turn themselves off!

Check for British or European safety mark – Make sure an appliance has a British or European safety mark when you buy it.

Always check that you use the right fuse to prevent overloading – When you are fitting or replacing a fuse ensure it is the correct size to prevent the cable overheating.

Children and electrics – We all know to blank sockets and move wires for our curious babies and toddlers. However, it is important as they get older to ensure they understand the dangers of electrical items, especially sockets being overloaded, and wires.

Teens these days almost all have phones, and they pull their chargers towards them to continue texting or gaming whilst reviving the battery. However, they won’t have considered checking their cables for splits or other warning signs. Or perhaps they hoover their own rooms and suck a wire in by mistake and continue to use it even though it is damaged. Also drinks on desks near their electrical appliances like the playstation or computer is at high risk of causing an electrical fire. Also that even if they are unable to use a microwave, that they are aware metallic items cannot be put inside.


These are some of our top tips to keep your home safe. It is also recommended your home has an electrical installation condition report done every 10 years if you own your home, or 5 years for landlord properties.

In the event of an electrical fire is is important to remember that you should never try to put the fire out with water, if you can do so safely unplug the appliance, get outside and call 999.