External Lighting

External Lighting

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We recently blogged about lighting in your home, so we want to talk about external lighting and how it can work for both security for your home and adding additional ambience to your outside space.

We know the UK weather isn’t always on our side, but many homes now extend into designed outdoor spaces. Meaning you can utilise the additional space and enjoy the summer evenings in a beautifully illuminated garden. Enhance your landscaping design and your garden can become a space to entertain family and friends.

In addition to this, beautiful gardens with lighting enhance curb appeal, and add’s value to your home. Meaning the cost of lighting will be returned if and when you sell your home.

Lets look at what lighting can be installed and how it can enhance your outdoor space.

Deck lighting – This is a great way to softly light your decking. It will highlight your decked space, and provide ambient lighting.

String lighting – Most people opt for battery operated, however hard wired lights will last longer and stay bright. You can chose from a party vibe, or something soft and relaxing.

Bollard lighting – If you have a large outdoor space these can be used to create pathway lighting, creating security whilst outdoors late evening.

Spot lighting – These come with a variety of bulb colours, meaning you can illuminate trees, water features or anything you desire. They create a calm ambience whilst highlighting the features in your outdoor space.

Wall lighting – These are practical for allowing walkways and doors to be illuminated in the evenings, and can maintain some style and ambience for the garden. Whilst providing some added security to your home.

Security lighting – This is the more practical lighting, and usually contains a motion sensor. Illuminating the garden when someone walks by to light walkways, and allow you to have CCTV that can see any unwanted visitors.

Our electrician offers a lighting design service, so he can help advise what lights would best suit your needs and desires to create a glowing outdoor space